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How to check and compare 3G speed?

How to check and compare 3G speed? 3G Speed Test of All Operators in India – : Hey friends, although 3G has been launched from a long time and different mobile operators like Airtel, Reliance, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL, MTNL  have started their 3G network in almost all telecom circle, but still the 3G speed is not that up to the mark for what we want to pay. Mobile users are still starving for true 3G speed. I am basically from Jaipur, but i have been living in Delhi from a long time and i have experienced almost all 3G service providers network in Delhi. So here i am sharing the 3G speed of different 3G network in delhi telecom circle, what i experienced.

How to check 3G speed of your network?
Here i will suggest you an android application/app what i used to check.

Here i am starting with the most popular and reliable 3G service provider of Delhi i.e AIRTEL 3G, yupp also my favorite one. Airtel 3G is providing a constant speed of more than 2Mbps in most part of delhi. Airtel 3G provides 10GB of data for Rs.1500. Although Airtel 3G speed is not the fastest speed but it is consistent and good quality of service. Airtel 3G may seems little expensive, but not bad for that consistent speed.

Vodafone 3G is also popular for its low cost 3G offers and good 3G speed. I think it is the best competitor of Airtel in Delhi. Vodafone 3G is also providing a speed of more than 2Mbps in most of the places of Delhi. Vodafone 3G provides 10GB of data for Rs. 1250, less than Airtel 3G. But the thing what makes airtel 3G  a bit upper than vodafone 3G is its inconsistent speed of service, sometimes that reduce to a very low unsatisfactory speed. But overall, it is as good as Airtel for 3G users.

Idea 3G also known for good 3G offers and 3G speed. But it can’t be compared with Airtel and Vodafone because of its less coverage area of 3G network. At most the places of delhi it is difficult to find Idea 3G network, so you have to use 2G network. We are paying for 3G network but using 2G network, thats not a good deal anymore. Also Idea 3G doesn’t offer strong 3G network. I will never suggest you to go for Idea 3G service provider.

Why are you using Reliance Gsm 3G?
Only due to low cost offers and relatively cheaper 3G service. yah of course Reliance is the cheapest 3G service provider, but at the same time it the worst network provider and also irritating one in my case. It provides speed of less than 2Mbps and sometime less than a 2G service, which irritates me. In some places of delhi, Reliance 3G gives good speed of 3G but fluctuating speed. I will suggest you to first check Reliance 3G speed in your area before starting this service, may be it provide you good speed.

Although MTNL is one the first company to bring 3G service in India, but it falls beyond my expectation. I want to say MTNL 2G is way much stable and better than MTNL 3G. sometimes its became very hard for surfing internet with MTNL 3G. It is not able to get a good speed in all parts of delhi.

Please share your good or bad experiance of 3G service providers, it will surely help others to choose their best one. Don’t forget to mention your 3G provider and state.

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