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4G Activation Procedure and settings for Airtel Network

4G Activation Procedure and settings for Airtel Network : After successful launching of 4G service in kolkata, banguluru and pune, Airtel lunched prepaid and postpaid 4G services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Airtel 4G will leverage the most advanced 4G LTE technology for the fastest high speed data experiance to users.

How to activate Airtel 4G services?
1. Visit Airtel store and leave your contact details. Aitel company send their customer executive to your office or home. He gives you demostration of 4G LTE service before order and solve all your queries regarding to 4G service and activation.
Alternately you can visit Airtel company website  and leave your contact details.

2. You will get a new 4G LTE activated number.

How to use Airtel 4G?
1. First you need to get a 4G enabled mobile phone or a 4G wireless dongle to start 4G service.

2. Then apply and get a new Airtel 4G postpaid connection along with USIM (128 bit SIM card) used for 4G service.

3. Activate Airtel 4G LTE service and choose your data/tariff plan.
you’ve done, enjoy 4G service.

Airtel 4G Plans, Tariffs and Internet Speed:
Airtel 4G is currently available only on postpaid connections. Here are tariff plans of Airtel 4G LTE postpaid connections-
Rs.999 – 6GB, 128Kbps speed after free data usage of 6GB
Rs.1399 – 9GB, 128Kbps speed after free data usage of 9GB
Rs.1999 – 18GB, 128Kbps speed after free data usage of 18GB

Theoretically Airtel 4G service speed go up to 100Mbps, but practically this 4G speed should be in between 5Mbps to 10Mbps.

What are the currently available Airtel 4G LTE devices in India?
Currently only two devices are provided by Airtel in India. these are
1. Airtel 4G LTE USB Modem/Sticks/Dongle in price of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000.
2. Airtel 4G LTE Indoor Wireless Gateways

Advantages and Disadvantages of 4G LTE service:

1. Very high speed data connectivity
2. Wireless internet surfing at high speed
3. High definition (HD) Online gaming and video watching
4. High speed downloading and uploading
5. Make internet video calls through Skype, Gtalk etc.

1. A 4G enabled mobile phone is required.
2. You can not upgrade/update your existing prepaid SIM and connection to 4G. You need to apply for a new number SIM for 4G service.
3.You can not make Voice calls and send SMS over 4G service or connection.

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