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Beautiful glass beach California Photos , pictures review


This beach is a beautiful glass beach. There are strange and interesting stones. Very beautiful nature area. There are more of glass pebbles and also rocky and sandy. Glass collection is prohibited. There is no parking on holidays.

When I was doing a series on unique beaches (here and here) I forgot to include Glass Beach, Fort Bragg. The beach glass that makes up a large percentage of the beach is the result of years of dumping garbage into the sea near the northern part of the town.
Residents of Fort Bragg dumped everything in the water. Garbage such as glass, appliances and even cars. The beach was closed and concerted efforts to clean up the dump began in 1967.
Years of wave and tidal action combined with the abrasiveness of sand have worn down the edges and smoothed the glass into gem like pebbles.
It became a tourist attraction and people began to take beach glass home with them so California Parks & Recreation took over and began managing the beach and glass souvenirs are no longer allowed to be removed.

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