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Benefits of rose water for Eye hair and skin Method of making rose water


Rose  is a very beautiful  flower and has a fantastic fragrance. Most people like this beautiful flower. Roses are available in many colors.they are beauty of this world.

Rose water is a very good product for human beings. Rose water is an oldest skin care product. It is use  for bath and mild skin problems. It gives moisture to skin and remove dandruff. Ew can spray it on our face many times in a day.

Rose water has amazing ingredients those are very beneficial for our skin. It refreshes our skin in several ways.
During the Middle Ages, rose water was used to beat stress and depression. Even today, rose water is used for many purposes. We can find it in our kitchens.
It is still being used in many cosmetics.

SKIN:: Rose water helps us to maintain ph level of our skin. It provides calming effect on acne and eczema.we can apply this water on our skin several gives moisture to skin. Before going out in sun, apply this water on face, it protects our skin from sunburn. Rose water is a has antibacterial properties which help to tone the skin. It cools the skin ,because it has antioxidant properties. It is an anti aging agent , which revitalize the skin and keeps fine lines and wrinkles away.

HAIR::Rose water is very effective for hair. It gives nourishment and shining to hair and remove dandruff. Rose water improve blood circulation and promote hair growth. It can use as a conditioner. It makes hair strong and flexible with minimum breakages. Rose water enhance the quality of hair. It helps to treat mild scalp inflammation and dandruff. Rose water is an antibacterial product.

EYE:: Rose water is good for eyes. It is best for tired and fatigue eyes. When we apply rose water on eyes, it gives sparkle and makes our eyes healthy. It is good for those people, who spend a lot of time in front of computer.

Method of making rose water
1:: pick some rose petals early in the morning after sunrise. After washing , put them in a large pot. Pour some water on these patels. Cover the pot with a lid and boil in  low flames. Until the water turn into the color of patels. Now stain the water and leave it to cool down. After it, store this rose water in containers.

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