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Best Blogger SEO tricks for blogspot blog


Are you writing blog on blogspot platform and looking for seo for blogger blogspot blog so that you can also get a good and hug traffic and earn more money. here are some tips which you can implement on your blogger website.

SEO Tips Importance.

  • SEO makes blogger blog visible to search engines so that crawler or spider can access your blog.
  • By applying SEO tips to your blog it is easily indexed in search engines.
  • SEO increase blog traffic Your blog is shown to people in search results Therefor visitors to your blog are increased.
  • When your blog is indexed and have traffic ultimately your blog ranking will be improved and possibilities for back links will be more.
  • It is a bit difficult to apply seo tips to your blog once you have created So always keep seo tips in your mind while making new blog.Because created blog is once crawled by spider and without SEO it did not find it useful so it will not read it again if you apply seo.In this case crawler will come once or twice a month.But making blog by keeping seo tips in your mind lets spider to crawl your blog every day.What you have to do is to update it regularly by adding content.
  • When a spider comes to your blog daily it will automatically take it to the top of the page I dont say that it will be 1 but surely it will be on the first page.

Today Every Blogger Wants.

1.Traffic or Visitors.
2.First page in google.
3.Advertise more or Earn more.
4.Top ranking Ranking blog.
5.Google friendly Blog.

The answer to all is building search engine friendly blog adding meta keywords by using seo tips and by following other seo tips for blogger.Without this you will spend so much time to bring your blog up but all will be in vain I think without seo blogging is useless and wastage of time.The goal of search engine is to provide the best knowledge of their demand.Like websites blogger is also a marketers place I already have told you that seo means doing same thing in different way.

Important SEO Tips to Write Content.
Writing content in a blogger post is very important in seo.After meta tags and keywords content of blog is important in ranking. Use the following seo tips for blog post to write content.Make at least one heading of H1 tags at the top of blog post.Dont make so many headings as search engine feels difficulty to read so many headings in H1 tag and a lot of bold content.Place your keywords in heading tags as well as in sub headings.

Place keywords in paragraphs Heading should be similar to post title and keywords should be similar to heading.This is called keywords overlapping and compels search engine to rank your site at the top of those which have less overlapping keywords.Place keywords in image alt tags.Dont put more than 1 keyword in image alt tags.Name of the image file should be small.Place keywords in the form of bullet list showing the importance of your topic.For example make bullet list of advantages importance what can do about etc of the product you are discussing or topic tips or tutorial.

Place your keywords in links if possible and use navigation.Dont write to many keywords that user could not find any thing except keywords.Dont let your user to think that you are writing for search engine not for the visitors.Write god keywords in the beginning of the topic Spread the keywords in the whole content

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