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Big Breasted Birds are birds who can sleep while flying, say German scientists

For how many days can you stay without taking a sleep? Most probably, you can force yourself to remain awake for a day or two, compromising your health and looking sleepy all the time when you are awake. Well, that’s the limit of most humans, animals, mammals and birds too. But wait… because that is not the case with Frigate birds, aka Big Breasted Birds.

A study conducted by the scientists of Max Plank Institute for Ornithology has brought up this shocking revelation about Big Breasted Birds. Initially, the mystery was to reveal how these birds keep themselves awake and flying without taking a nap for about 2 long months.

On further study, it was observed that these birds are capable of taking sleep while they fly. Sounds weird, right?

What if they collide with another bird or a building while flying? Why do not they fell down when they are asleep in mid air? It is obvious to have all these questions running in our minds while learning about FrigateBirds.

Well, that was also the case with German scientists who were involved in this study. They found that these birds have this special ability to take sleep in fragments. While flying up above in the air, they go to sleep for 10 to 12 seconds, several times and that is how they complete their sleep without sleeping for hours, days and even many months.

For sure, it is their brain which plays a vital role in their ability to sleep in parts. A part of their brain always remains conscious to help them fly when they are asleep and also to wake them up at time. During their flight, these birds are found to take 41 minutes sleep every day, which is again a shocking fact about Frigate birds.

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