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National Symbols of India


The Indian republic has many national symbols of India, including historical documents, flags, symbols, hymns, memorable buildings and many patriots. All these symbols are very important in the history of India. The design of the Indian flag was approved by Parliament, which was elected shortly before its independence on July 22, 1947. India

Wishing you all a Happy Guru Purnima 2017

happy Guru Purnima.

“Guru means one who has gravitation, around whom you suddenly feel as if you are being pulled. The guru is a tremendous magnet, with only one' difference. There is a man who has charisma -- you are pulled, but you are pulled towards him. That is the man of charisma.

Wassily Kandinsky biography , paintings , arts birthday


Wassily Kandinsky is another artist whose paintings I simply admire. He was born in Moscow, Russia on 4th December, 1866. Wassily Kandinsky started learning how to paint quite late - after he turned thirty. His early paintings involved Russian folk art and the use of bright colors on a black

To rely more on the Internet , right?

Now To rely more on the Internet , right? a days if someone ask me anything whenever it is related to my studies or daily life, if i do not know about that i will direct go to  internet for finding the answer of that question. if i knew the answer of

International anti drugs day whatsapp status and quotes

International anti drugs day

latest meaningful International anti drugs day whatsapp status and quotes Drugs Never build your life, It only destroys lives. so don't have drugs.   We have to make a promise today , To keep stay from drugs.   We have to think today, How to make our society Drugs Free .   I have never