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Complete explanation How does WiFi works


How does WiFi work – Complete explanation wifi working principle wi-fi technology how it works .

Have you ever wondered how a Wi-Fi network works? Read it here and unfold the secrets behind working for Wi-Fi.
What is Wi-Fi?

A wireless technology; which can be used to connect computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices with each-other with the help of a wireless network.

The data is encoded (translated) into radio signals by the wireless adapter of a computer, and transmits the same over an antenna. Generally, the transmitting antenna is connected to Local Area Network (LAN) or DSL connection. The signals now are received by a wireless router which decodes it again to data.

Wi-Fi hotspots- The spots or places with Wi-Fi connectivity enabled are termed as Wi-Fi hotspots. Here, one can have access to the Internet through this connection.

Wi-Fi technology is widely used in providing Internet access to employees of a company, students of a class, households etc. One of the main and simplest advantage of Wi-Fi is now we do not need to be limit to the length of wire, in fact, our comfort level and ‘go-anywhere’ ease has come into existence.

Generally, the Wi-Fi has a range of signals of about 120 ft indoors while 300 ft outside. However, ranges may vary depending on the Wi-Fi system you purchase and use. Wi-Fi networks do not panic us while setting up and also saves the expense on setting up and wire expansion.

So this was how WiFi works on a system. More information and queries are welcome in comments.

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