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Cricket Rules: New ODI Rules Power-play Fielding bouncers

Power-play Fielding bouncers New ODI Rules Cricket Rules

1. Power-play rule change:
Since the inception of the ‘Power-play’ rule, as explained in Powerplay Rule in Cricket, it has been an added headache for teams and captains. There were 3 power-plays earlier; first between over number 1 and 10. It was termed as mandatory power-play. Then there were P1 and P2 each of 5 overs. Batting and fielding teams had option to choose when to take assigned power-plays after mandatory power-play was over.
Now according to new rule, mandatory power-play (between first 10 overs) will remain as it is. After this power-play, there will be only one power-play of 5 overs, which should be completed before 40th over of innings and that can be called by batting side.

2. Fielding restrictions:

Earlier, in non power-play overs, fielding team was allowed to keep 5 fielders outside 30 yard circle. Now, the changed rule allows only 4 fielders outside the 30 yard circle.
This change is largely debated currently. Impact of this rule is on bowlers. Since only 4 fielders are outside the circle, bowlers have less protection against big shots. And it will be comparatively easier and encouraging for batsmen to play big shots.
But few experts feel that with the introduction of this rules, the non power-play Cricket will be more exciting than what it was, because batsmen will take extra risk of playing big shots, and this will give a window of opportunity for bowlers to take wickets.

3. Two bouncers per over, now allowed :

Yes, earlier bowlers could bowl only one bouncer per over and if they bowled second one, it was termed as a No Ball. But now onward, bowler has the luxury to frighten and contain a batsman by bowling 2 bouncers per over.
This move is a welcome move, especially for teams, other than Indian team, since they have quality fast bowlers who can take advantage of this rule to make havoc in opposition team.

Overall, these are few interesting changes in the rules and we need to wait and analyse its impact on World Cricket. But for Indian team, these changes are nightmare, since bowlers – both spinners and pacers (?) will be impacted by field restrictions, in addition, due to lac of bowling speed, the 2 bouncers per over is out of question for them and Indian batmen are not very comfortable against bouncers either! What do you think about the rules? Will they help India?

Note: The rules have been revised from December 2012 and we saw India vs Pakistan series played with these rules.

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