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Download 29 Card Game On PC (Full Version)

(Full Version) Download 29 Card Game On PC

Play 29 (Twenty Nine) card game on your windows PC. As we know this as classic double-player-team card game. 4 players together play this game. Each of the payers got eight (8) cards in a game. Though in free download PC version twenty nine card games, you can play with 3 bot (Computer). I spent a good amount of time playing this cracking game. Here two game file uploaded for free downloading and two different picture of those different game version is uploaded.

How to play 29 card game on PC ?

Never played 29 card game before? or can’t remember how to play or which card holds how many point. Or how to play PC version? There are several question to be answered. First of all you know it’s a game played between two teams. Each team holds two player.But in PC version you can play with other 3 computer bots. It may take some times to learn but whenever you are playing you will enjoy.


 Point table of 29 card game

Name of The Card Symbol   Points
Jack J 3
Nine 9 2
ACE A 1 (Supreme over 10 )
Ten 10 1
King And Queen, 8, 7 No Points

Note if you want to learn playing 29 card game this software may help. There are also some article on this topics . You may visit this link to learn more.

How to Play the Card Game 29

Rules of Twenty-Nine Card Games

There are also some other rules in this game.  The payer bid high can choose a tramp card. If any on get the tramp card king and queen and survive it until the tramp card is shown , the value of them is + 4 / – 4.

Although there are some 29 card game software but none of them have nice interface. You may not like the graphical interface but you can enjoy the original flavor of playing game live. One thing this is The best 29 game file available in online.

The download links is provided in below. Thanks for visiting the game lover blog. Play and enjoy 29 card game free download and full version for windows PC .

System Requirements

Windows XP, Windows 8 & 8.1 , Windows 7

RAM: 256 Mb

Click download to download this old version twenty nine card game .Use the activation code (Activation Code:  NooMal193426 ) to activate the full version. This serial key is valid and recommended by many blog to make it full version.

Download Link: Download 29 Card game on your computer.

Now this one is my favorite one is the latest version with better graphical interface .This is more updated and has more usability. See the picture below. I think you will like this version. Free download links are given below. You van call pass and give double unlike the other version. So download and enjoy playing the best card game on your laptop or desktop computer.

Best 29 Card Game Free Download


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