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Education-Monoculture of Brains

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Today’s education and the education system need to be evaluated critically in terms of what does it lending forward to the society.

Before moving on to any hypothesis lets evaluate certain anomalies in the society in terms of education.
1. More and more schools are out there opening on daily basis but more we find the ignorance out there.
2. Everyone is sent to schools to become good human but schools could not nurture a single human quality in pupils.
3. More schools should lead to more disciplined society, but as many schools are out there, so more we emerge as a disorganized society.

But the equation is not working the right way I believe. More the number of books on the backbag of the students does not translate into more education. similarly more schools on streets does not mean that society is growing more educated. And above all ever more phds will not be able to solve the riddle of ever more increasing economic, social and technological problems prevailing around.

We don’t need to go into deep analysis I mean some things are quite self-evident in the society. This is quite obvious that

If the problem is of just money, as I said in one of the earlier posts of mine, things would have become quite different. But the crux of the issue can not be solved by the money. It needs policies considering and acknowledging the local realities. from the curriculum to the language to the exam system each and every thing needs to be reoriented. In the wave of universaliz-ation and standardization, we are forgetting that this education system is producing beings who can not stand any where because that can not belong themselves to any place obviously if they are being taught about the Americans flowers, birds, roads and bridges but  not the Pakistani, how would they be able to understand the environment around them. As a result of which the products (students) are being produced who can not associate themselves to any region, to any place feeling a sense of being lost.

Education means Transformation. But the current system renders the students in a self complexity mania in which they remain through out their lives. Always blaming themselves for the wrong things happening around or even anywhere in the world. It allows you to learn and cram but not to think and speak. I mean all of us are becoming “Rattoo parrots”. Therefore when we cant think for ourselves and speak as well, here comes the role role of media, which becomes our  eyes, tongue and ears. Thanks To You big TV Channels!!!

Again coming to the role of education, it needs urgent attention. We are at such a tipping point I think where we can not afford any more machines and robots in the society being produced by this education system in tremendous quantities.Education is serving the purpose of homogenization of the thoughts. You just can not think outside of the box because then you will not be given marks on it. This monoculture is depleting diversity in the society and hence resilience. Diversity in thoughts leads to innovation, creativity, and hence students learn from different examples and ideas. But narrowing the thinking of the people, teaching them something not incorporating their local, social, physical, and economic /issues/problems/realities would produce humans devoid of any understating of their existence in a particular environment.

The basic purpose of education should be to increase debate and diversity in thinking not to hush it down. Schools should provide an environment where students can be able to relate their every day’s life experiences with other students and teachers and hence they can get a social guidance. but the things are moving the other way round leading to distraction of the students and a disoriented mass.

I mean If education and the process of learning and understanding things is so curbed where would we think the growth will occur, from where the positive change will take place?

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