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Adnow review 2017 with payment proof CPC CPM rates

happy earning i am here again with adnow review of 2017 with payment poof CPC CPM rates scam or legit network . adnow is Native advertising is the best way to make money from advertising. We all know that sponsered reviews are defeated by Native Ads. Native advertising is very effective way to promote your content, products etc. Today i am going to inroduce you a new ad network ( native ad network called Adnow. Let’s see Adnow review
And find out is this a scam or legit network.

What is Adnow ?

Adnow is a native advertising network which is founded in 2014. It is very similar to Taboola and Outbrain. I have found that they faced many problems in getting development. But finally they got some huge popularity. They said that they have competitive prices and good support for the publishers.

Signup and approval

The approval process is very easy. They don’t have any traffic requirements. But they are not like Popvertizer, they take upto 48 hours to approve a website.

Ad formats

Ad formats
Ad formats

Adnow is only a native ad network and they pay on Cpm and Cpc basis. Even though their CPM is low on some countries, their CPC is very good according to some user reports.


The Min.payout is $20 and they pay on NET 7 basis. They pay via paypal, bank wire etc.

Name : Adnow

Alexa rank : 15,283

Ad formats : Native ads

Min.payout : $20

Payment methods : Paypal, Bank wire

Payment Proof



Even though there are many people who report Adnow scam, this network is not fully scam. What i recommend is Give it a try.

Rating : 3/5

21 thoughts on “Adnow review 2017 with payment proof CPC CPM rates

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  2. Ai que delícia ver essas fotos, dá uma vontade de planejar essa viagem. Com certeza será um dos meus prixoÃm³s destinos. Estou guardando todas as dicas. Beijos Fê

  3. ecpm is higher than any other network and also i found blogger who blog in local language for those this one is great platform and average ctr is also good

    1. They do not send payment automatic , you have to create a ticket and ask them to release your payment , soon your payment will be send in progress .

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