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Firechat review: free social messaging and chat app it works without Internet

Firechat review

Firechat: Your free social messaging and chat app that works without Internet.
The messaging has been fun and more mobile with the unlimited apps and thousands of awesome developers. So you want to have extra fun and socialism with you Android and iPhone? Firechat app by Open Garden company is one such app which let’s you send messages without any Internet connection, SMS or USSD’s.

The Firechat app actually works on a peer-to-peer, mesh networking technology, that allows you to connect with any other Firechat enabled device within a range of 200 ft, as the company says.

Snartphone users from worldwide are already enjoying this app, so what are you waiting for? If you also want to try this completely free chat service cum application, it can be downloaded from right away.

So far, it is available for iPad, iPhone, Tablet and Android users.

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