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everything about Hair Smoothening – Procedure, Duration, Side Effects, Cost


know everything About Hair Smoothening – Procedure, Duration, Side Effects, Cost : I have been so lazy these days and resting my brain so much that I almost forgot I have a blog too..It was only today I remembered I have a blog too when I received a new comment on one of my reviews..(’nt this funny..Did you ever forget you had a blog)..Anyways, coming back to this post, You all must have already read about my blabbering and complaints about my dense, dry and unmanageable hair..So I had always wanted to get my hair straightened but reading about some posts that straightening makes dry hair even worse always stopped me from getting it..Just a few days back I read about Ankita’s comment on IMBB that she got her hair smoothened..I googled hair smoothening but hardly got any good information regarding the treatment. So I sent an email to Ankita (You can access Ankita’s Blog here ) and  she wrote me a nice big email giving every possible information about the procedure, costs, the duration for which effect of treatment lasts, side effects..

So I thought of sharing the very same email she wrote to me..Here’s the email:
“Smoothening is quite useful for unmanageable or frizzy hair. I had wavy and somewhat frizzy hair (you can see that in my older pic on my blog). Smoothening and Straightening are quite similar..straightening just has 1 extra step in the procedure. The basic difference in the end result is that straightening will give you poker straight is 100% straightening but smoothening is about 70-80% straightening and it gives a more natural look.
The process they use for smoothening is-
1. Wash,condition and blow dry
2. Apply cream evenly on hair. leave on for 20-30 min. This cream is the one responsible for making the hair straight.
3. Wash off cream. Iron hair using ceramic hair straightener. I’m sure you would have seen a straightening iron. They’ll straighten hair with this to sort of seal the effects of cream applied.
4. Apply another cream for 15-20 min to further seal effects of ironing.
5. Wash off , blow dry and you’re done.
6. You’re not supposed to tie/pin/tuck your hair in any way using clips/band anything at all for 3 days and not let them get wet because the chemicals are still acting on them for 3 days. After 3 days, the salon will give you the first hair wash after which you can wash your hair every 2-3 days by products specially meant for your hair type. They also advise not to use oil for at least the first 15 days.
In case of straightening, ironing using a ceramic straightening iron is also done between step 1 and 2 above to give absolutely straight hair. Rest everything is same in the procedure for the 2.
Straightened or smoothened hair retain their effect till they are cut off. So the new hair that’ll grow out from your roots will have your natural hair wave/curl but the one once straightened will remain so. It takes 6-10 months for hair to grow out completely depending on person to person.
I used to be quite skeptical about chemical/heat treatments too but I figured it won’t really harm my hair doing it once. I don’t color my hair either so this is the first treatment for me. Repeated treatments over a long period of time does harm your hair but doing it once will not cause damage. The salon/stylist will recommend L’oreal or some other good salon range products which you should use while you have straightened hair. Its best to stick to that.
Depending on where you get it from and the length of your hair, it can cost you anything between 4000-8000. For my length of hair (3-4 inches below shoulder) I paid around 5000 (including taxes). Add to this Rs 1500-2500 for the products you will be required to purchase (shampoo + conditioner + cream + serum). Also straightening costs about Rs. 1000-1500 more than smoothening. Maintenance of hair is not difficult. You just need to wash every 3 days with shampoo, apply conditioner and cream and serum when they dry. I used to anyway use shampoo+conditioner+serum so the cream is just 1 more step in the routine which hardly takes any time.
Do choose a good reputed salon for yourself so that they don’t mess up the procedure in any way or don’t use any sub standard quality products.
I hope this helps. This is pretty much the extent of my knowledge on the subject. To know more abt how the chemicals actually work you can always google it up 🙂 If I’ve missed out some point or you have more questions , just let me know. I think you should have it done at least once, the effect is really nice! “
The above information is first hand account of the smoothening treatment based on Ankita’s personal experience and is not a professional article.

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