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how to do face mask for face beauty

know everything about how to make  face mask for face beauty to look beauty

Refreshing Face Mask with Papaya, Milk and Sandalwood Powder

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You know papaya can give a light bleaching effect and glow. Milk adds special smoothness to facial skin. Sandalwood can make your skin extra beauty. All the ingredients are natural and easily available. This face mask can be prepared very easily.

Face Mask Ingredients

5tsp. of mashed papaya pulp
1 tsp. of sandalwood powder
3tsp. of milk powder

How to apply Face Mask

Add sandalwood powder and milk powder to the papaya paste and mix well with a spoon. Then wash face with normal water and apply mask all over the face. Wait for 10-15 min. Then wash it off using cold water.

It can be used in all skin types. But for extremely dry skin, apply your favorite oil or creme before applying this mask. Once in week is sufficient to give good result. If your skin allergic to any of the ingredients please do not use this mask.

Avocado Carrot Face Mask

Avocado Carrot Cream Face Mask

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You all know the goodness of avocado and carrot. But it is also very good for your skin. The pulpy content of avocado nourishes your skin and makes it smooth and shiny. Carrot is with beta carotene and it can give an extra complexion to your skin.

Ingredients for avocado carrot cream face mask
Smashed avocado – 1
Boiled and smashed carrot- 1
Cooked oats – 5tsp.

How to prepare avocado carrot cream face mask
Take all the ingredients in mixer jar and make a paste. Add a little water if needed. The mask is ready to use.

How to apply
Wash your face with normal water. Then apply the mask all over the face and neck. Avoid the very near eye area. Wait for 20 min. and wash it of with cold water.

This you can do daily for first few days then repeat it once in week. By doing so you can see a remarkable change for your skin complexion.

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