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find some quick facts and pictures of the Frigate bird


read all about Frigate bird & find some quick facts and pictures of the Frigate bird

Fact #1: Frigatebirds are Carnivorous birds with fishes and crabs as their primary food.

Fact #2: They can fly with a speed up to 15 km per hour.

Fact #3: They are called as Big Breasted Birds for having an extra large red colored throat.

Fact #4: They mostly live around coasts and islands, thus are called sea birds.

Fact #5: Eggs are laid by Frigate birds after a year or two which further take as long as 9 months for the offspring to take birth. As a co-incidence, human offspring also take around 9 months to born.

Fact #6: Chances are that you may spot a Frigate bird or two if you are in Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean.

Fact #7: Sea Turtles are also in the food menu of Frigate birds.

Fact #8: By size, they are birds with long wingspan.

Fact #9: The Male and Female Frigate birds can be differentiated easily as the Male birds have red coloured throats.

Face #10: As many other bird types, they too prefer to live in colonies.

Face #11: Unlike other birds that can fly, Frigate birds spend most of their lifespan flying in the air.

Fact #12: Male Frigate birds don’t stay to protect or rear the eggs till the offspring to come out. Mostly, they will stay for a month or two with the Female Frigate Bird and leave, after which the Female bird is on her own with the eggs. Kind of Betraying? Well, maybe.

#Bonus Fact: Charles Darwin has named these birds as “the condor of the ocean”.


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