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foods tips keep in your mind during pregnancy

here are some foods tips keep in your mind during pregnancy

pregnancy is the time when you should deal very careful with yourself whenever it is your food , exercise or your habits too. because each and every thing you do during pregnancy directly impact your child. and there is no any parents who wants any wrong effect of your’s on their child.
IN this post i will tell you the best food tips you should eat in your pregnancy time so that your child as well as you will be fit.
food is the basic thing which is need of body to work, because food gives energy to our body and with the help of energy we do any work efficiently.
During pregnancy you should take a healthy food because you need more energy to provide energy or food to your child. although the food for child will not take directly in same form. but you know that needs also for it’s dose.

Here are some tips you should follow them

(1) Take a breakfast daily
breakfast is the best dose for our body, the night food get disappear from our stomach. because thousands of activity are going in our body and they get continued during our sleep too. these activity of our body needs energy and that’s why our energy wasted in sleeping duration.
and this is also true that our body need more energy during sleep. so take a breakfast in the morning to continued your day.
(2) stay away from fish, meats etc.
these types of food is very hard food which take more time provide energy so keep away from this type of food.
(3) take calcium,protein in your food.
calcium is very important to build our body, so eat such food which contains calcium so that your child will be strong.
protein  is also very important to build your child and growth of your child.
(4) never smoke and not take alcohol
if you usually take alcohol and do smoking than please do not do these two this during your pregnancy. these two thing make your child unhealthy and may be your child will not get complete growth.
(5) take food n time
energy is required on time to time basis for our body, so take food on time so that your child also get food( energy )on time and be strong.

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