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free web hosting for one year no ads no sign up

free web hosting for one year no ads no sign up

if you are looking to create a free website so you have to go for free webs hosting at ewriticle , you can use free wordpress hosting , and you will no need to pay any amount for website or hosting for one year.Yes, you will get free web hosting for a year at ewriticle. It is an online web hosting company that giving free hosting for there new users for a year.Everyone, who doing blogging or wanna be,know the power of WordPress . Better Seo ,lots of themes and plugings makes it beautiful and superb.

On other hand ,if we talk about those company’s or sites providing free web hosting for WordPress are having some boundations .

These such site available on Google but that are having some hidden charges.

At ewriticle ,you don’t have to pay a pany  for a year but they providing free setup and hosting.

OK, let’s talk about some awesome points that ewriticle provide you.

#1.Setup process:-

Ewriticle setups your websites free for you. You just have to fill there registration form and they will contact you by mail or message. The best part is that they will not spam you.

#2.Backup :- 

Many free web hosting companies charge for it from you. ewriticle provides this service free. You will get your backup in every 24 hours.


They will guide you 24*7 hours. When you have any problem ,you can contact to them.

#4.Bandwidth and usage :-

You get unlimited bandwidth and superb speed of site.

Vision of the company:-

Everybody should have a free plate form to share knowledge and information.

My personal suggestion:-

Use there service at least for one year ,as they providing 24 hours backup ,so when you fell there service bad ,get backup and movie to other service providers.

Why they provide these services free:-

#1.These services are free only for one year,after that you have to pay them for it. After one year they will only charge 20$/per year for there service.

#2.This is an promo offer ,they not provide web hosting free always

so you have to use it or loose it-only on you.

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