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friendship quotes whatsapp status


Friends and Friendship Forever quotes For whatsapp/facebook status and Friendship day 

  • Prey gets hunted, predators attack. But friendship is not and arrow that can either hit or miss. It is a forest that you can be in. A forest you can ignore. Or a forest you can cut down.
  •  Friends can be the meanest people in the world. But they are usually being mean to you because other people are not worth their meanness.

  •  Different language can say different words. Friendship can means different things. Do no define love by language, and language cannot determine love.
  • Friends can sail the seas at great speed, but like great sail boats they do not lose beauty when docked. A friendship without the energy or crew to move forward is just as magnifi- cent.
  • Climbing to the top of a peak feels like an accomplishment. No one can live at the peak of a mountain. No one can discover the zenith of friendship, because we all must walk back down from the peak.
  • Glory is winning. Glory is trying. Glory is giving your all. Friendship is glory.
  • A friendship can endure rock fall. Friendship is not lost but refund when covered by a rock slide. Friends can dig you out and find you.
  • Trees and friendship grow in the same places. Trees and friends require nourishment. Trees and friends fade from the Earth.
  • If a friend offers you an umbrella take it. If a friend lets you in under their umbrella- join in tightly. If you are caught in the rain, be with a friend.
  •  Weather and friends come hand in hand. Clouds mean a storm is coming. Clear sky means no storm. However there will always be storms coming and there will always be clear sky.
  • Friends can flood you with rage. Friends can drown you in happiness. Emotions are the rain the feed the world, friends are how you survive it.
  • The heat of the world is the sweat of friendship. We toil for those we love, we work in the beaming sun so we can make friends in the shade.
  • Coats and friends can be too warm. They can be suffocating, they can be too hot. However, you’d rather be hot in the cold than dead.
  •  Friendship is never hail. It never hits you unexpectedly. It never strikes without you knowing. If you don’t see friendship coming, it is because you did not notice.
  • If a friend is like the wind take out a sail and fly across the sea with break neck speed and joy. When the wind runs out, enjoy the journey you’ve been on.
  •  A bad friend is a tidal wave that comes fiercely and rarely and changes all. A great friend is like the tides that come reliably.
  • When winter comes friendship go. When summer comes, friendship grows. When fall comes friendship might fade, but summer always returns.
  •  Spring brings life and chaos. Potential and possibility are the chance for love and friends, but take the potential when you can.
  • Nature cannot contain life. It can only contain all of life. The natural way of things is to be out of control. Take control and find happiness.
  • Birds can fly because birds fly. A friend is a friend because it was mean to be. We all hope we are not clipping the wings of friendship.
  •  Fish live in the sea but friendship can go anywhere. Do not live your life like a fish. Do not be stuck where you are predestined.
  • If your friends are the flowers of your life treat them that way. Let them bloom when they will and fruit when the will and fade when they will.
  • Bees bring life to the flower but they are not the flower. What makes love work is not always the love itself, but outside forces.
  • Roots hold us in place, they keep us steady. But friends, like roots can be pulled away and that does not mean plants cannot make roots again.
  • One single plant can mean a garden and one friend can be all we need.
  • Those without friends live the same as everyone else. Those who try to make friends live greatly. Those that fail with some friend are all of us.
  • Friendship is a tree which many creatures live in. Be wary of what other creatures suffer when you kill the tree.
  • The sun heats reptiles. The sun burns forests. The sun feeds plants. Friendship can be all the good and bad of the Sun.
  • Ask your friend a question, no matter the answer you will learn something.
  • How many friends does it take to save a life? How many friends make a life worth living? How many lives are lead without friends?
  • Can you count why a friend is important? No, but you can try. That number may shock you. Many reason or even one that blows your mind.
  • Are your neighbors the same as you? Would you trade lives with them? Or can you have faith that you can live with their differences?
  • Can we all put our vote into a hat when it comes to friends? Can we truly decide our love by committee? No. We must decide what happens with friendship in our hearts.
  •  I don’t care about your name, I care about what your name means to you. And what my name means to you.
  • If you remembered your whole life all the time you would be happy. Try to remember how much of your life you have lived and more importantly lived through.
  • Where does a bloodline stop? Is your heritage the heritage of the planet? Can you feel all human history as your own?
  •  Money cannot buy the sky. Money cannot buy the sun. Money cannot buy emotions. Money can cause emotions, but remember how little it can do.
  • Your job is not you. Your friends are not you. Your actions are not you. Only you know you.
  • Big building can hold many friends. Those with big buildings may have no friends to fill them. Always fill your space with friends.
  •  Those who hurt others for gain will never know friendship.
  • Theft is a way of life. Once one steals, they can never go back to not being a thief. However, a thief can try to give back to the world with genuine friendship.
  • Is friendship against the law? Does the law accommodate to friendship. Or can friendship and love defy all law.
  • Let trains take you through life. There are tracks and easy paths to follow. However, you are allowed to switch stations, you are allowed to get off early and you are allowed to WALK!
  •  Cars and friends go hand in hand. The space of a car is a room away from the world to take you on a journey.
  • Is your friendship a bus? Will you bring your friends where they need to go and move on? Is your friendship a bus? Is it open to all? Is there a fee?
  • Planes are not the only way to fly. Be a great friend and soar.
  • Run freely with friends, but do not stray too far. A good friend keeps the pace to stay together.
  • Races are a game. Do not treat life like a race. Do not think races are life.
  • Learning is how friendships grow. Do not think you know your best friend because you think you know them. Be sure and learn more.
  •  Books cannot contain everything. However, a record of life can make it more special. Remember what your friends do and more importantly do not forget.
  • What science cannot do friendships should make up for.
  • Where the universe ends friendship begins.
  •  Friends have the power of the wind. They soar high and drift gracefully. Be the Wind Chimes that sway in friendship.
  • Extinction means an idea dies for the rest of time. Loss means it will never be forgotten. Do not let friends go extinct. Let them be lost.
  • Love can be a dam. Love can be a reservoir. Love can be a river. But love goes where it wants.
  • Country lines are drawn on maps. Friends are not countries- where they start and end is in the mind of their loved ones.
  •  Laws dictate the land but friendship dictates the people. Show kindness to those who stay true to their law, show love to those who stay true to friendship.
  • The fawn runs with weak legs but knows to avoid trees. A new friendship and a new fawn are the same. Even if it is new, avoid the obvious obstacles.

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