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Healthy tips for better health

find these valuable Healthy tips to make yourself healthy

In this modern world the health is the trendiest subject because every other person wants to be fit but the main problem is that people lack commitment and determination. They want to be fit but they want it to happen without taking any pain. First of all, if you want to become fit you have to take pains and make sacrifices for keeping yourself healthy in real sensebecause without them it is not possible. And there is not any shortcut to achieve a perfect health and to keep a good for longer time follow our healthy tips.

If you want to live happy and long life you have to give up your bad habits. Bad habits including excess consumption of alcohol, chewing tobacco, smoking cigarette etc. this article will tell you how to become fit without investing a penny.

So, first of all opt. a heavy session of workout which you enjoy, give at least an hour to your gym. But remember do not go for heavy machinery workout in the beginning and increase the workout time gradually.

Do yoga and then do some stretching exercise. It is scientifically proven that yoga helps to remove stress so if you are mentally good then physically you will be great, for sure.

Eating habit should also be improvised for health so your diet should include eating a small proportion of food, eating in small plate for less consumption of food, and eating slow so that it would give time to your digestive system for better digestion. And most important stop eating when you are full because there is a time when your body can’t digest and without digesting it won’t give you the required energy.

And do not forget to take full sleep because a recent study reveals that 80% of your stress is in your sleep. That means you can reduce you stress upto 80% by only getting a good sleep.

Taking deep breath is very healthy during tension.

Always remember this trick that whenever you feel stressed or panicked take a deep breath couple of times. And you will definitely feel better. A report shows that about 3,00,00,000 people in America used to do yoga regularly.

And this might surprise you but it is fact. But most of the people only use 30% of their lung while breathing. 70% of our lungs remained untouched when we breathe.

Beautiful world

Staying at home on the couch whole day will make you nothing more than couch potatoes. The main reason behind this bad health is that we are so comfortable in our home that we don’t want to see outer world. We just want to hang out with our laptop whole day.

By having fresh oxygen, we can kill our most of the problem. Problem including stress, health etc.

What role does a good friend play in your health life?

Think before choosing your friend. Because your friends will be going to decide about your health life. Hangout with people who is positive for life, do not have a bad habit etc.

It is not the cigarette you are smoking it is your life.

Smoking is just bad for health. Now you would argue that your grandfather used to smoke but he lived 100 years. So here is the answer the thing your grandfather used to eat is far better than you eat now.

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