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Hygiene Practices You May Have Over-looked in Healthy Food Handling

There’s more to washing your hands before touching food so we’re looking at hygiene practices in shopping for food,storing bought foodstuff,preparing food and cooking it.Bacteria tends to find a home when given food,warmth,moisture and time thus lets look at those ways to keep that from happening and causing food poisoning. Shopping for food -Purchase your food from reputable places especially raw foods.
Be conscious of over-loaded fridges,cooked meat stored next to raw ones. -Pick fridge/freezer foods last and have them packed together to try retain their temperature and not affect the rest. -Be picky when choosing fruit so you avoid those with openings/bruises.Look out for ripped packaging even if it ws manually taped so ensure you check all sides. -Rusted or dented tins/cans should beavoided. -Don’t just throw in every item into your trolley not minding which is next to which or on top of which,arrange them.Ensure the drippy foods don’t drip on the others. -Don’t leave fridge/freezer foods or raw meat in the boot of a warm car.
Storing bought foodstuff -Unpack as soon as you can. -Store raw and cooked foods separately in the fridge. -Keep various cooked foods in airtight containers and raw in zip bags. -Dry foods that don’t need to be in the fridge should be kept in a cool,dry place. -If you have unfinished items that you have already bought replacements for,use the supermarket strategy by keeping the old ones front and new back. -Tinned foods with low acidity should usually be kept for 2 to 5 years,those with higher acidy for about 12-18months.
Check the ‘best before‘ dates.This prevents food poisoning. Preparing food -When you defrost frozen foods in the fridge,esp.meat ensure they don’t drip on the rest to keep bateria away. -Wash meat stuffjust before you need them.If it’s veggies,wash thoroughly as the soil on them may have Listeria. -Plastic boards are usually more hygienic than wooden and it is advisable to have aseperate one for raw meat. -Don’t use the same knife you used on raw stuff on the cookedwithout washing it first. Cooking -Chicken can harbour Salmonella bacteria thus must always be cooked thoroughly.When its juices run clear then it’s done.
Pork too because ofdanger of worms.Pre-heating oven helps here because it helps temperatures go highenough to kill bacteria. -Rice can contain Bacillus cereus and thus should be eaten soon after cooking it,if it cooled before eating it then it should be re-heated thoroughly.If to be eaten cold,best kept in the fridge. -Don’t put the rice lid back after taking a share of your foodbefore pouring away the vapour water on its inside. Caution is always better than the aftermath of it’s failure so let’s be more observant and keen on as to how we handle our foods.These ways easily become part of your lifestyle so you won’t even have to think of it once you put them to use and lead the younger generation into it.Improving on our hygiene practices improves on our health as well.

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