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Inception (2010) Sneaky Peeky Full movie review


Full movie review Sneaky Peeky  Inception (2010)

The follow-up of a feature like The Dark Knight has too grand a burden of expectation on its back for its own good. The first poster, however, is complete with an hitherto unhinted-at underwater feel and a Leo di Caprio standing knee-deep with a gun in his hand. It also has that characteristic blue tint so reminiscent of The Dark Knight posters.
BUT (And with me, there’s always a ‘but’), how is it necessary to remind the viewers again and again that the movie comes from the director of THE DARK KNIGHT (brightly embossed under the title). It was an exceptional movie and everything, but Nolan has become a brand unto himself to be burdened with the quality (and hangover) of his previous acts!
In any case, the movie IS shaping up to be the most anticipated one next summer, even with stalwarts like Iron Man 2 on the checklist as well. And with an intriguing enough tagline‘Your mind is the scene of the crime’and a killer teaser trailer, Inception is probably on its way to becoming the best of 2010!
The movie also stars Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard,Ellen Page andJoseph Gordon-Levitt, apart from Leonardo di Caprio in the lead. The film has been written by Mr. Nolan himself

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