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inspirational quotes whatsapp status

inspirational quotes whatsapp status

latest inspirational whatsapp status quotes in english for facebook status whatsapp message for inspiring someone

Mountains used to block paths. Then man made trails. Trails took too long so man dug through them. Treat obstacles to your love like mountains. No matter how high.


Face up to where you really are. Start your climb from there.And when you do good, celebrate.


If you are dare to pay the price of vitctory that means you deserve it.


Let trains take you through life. There are tracks and easy paths to follow. However, you are allowed to switch stations, you are allowed to get off early and you are allowed to WALK!


To be dead means to sacrifice yourself for others.


If you help somebody don’t remember that, but if somebody helps you don’t forget.


The challenge of finding happiness is the most unhappy chalenge


Your fail can give you a start to life more intensive.


Races are a game. Do not treat life like a race. Do not think races are life


Working for a living is good. It’s the anxiety over making a living that is not good.


Freedom is the power of the human spirit, and only with this power you can win.


What really stops us to be happy is the thought that we will be unhappy


More wisdom has the one who is dare to learn than the one who allways want to teach others.


To be sad is allways a problem, but you can change this by allways smilling.



Ask for the advice of your enemy and apply it reversed.






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