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List of Top 5 horror movies all the time


Do you love to watch horror movies? here list of Top 5 horror movies all the time , you can not watch these movies alone.

Well, I had to exclude a few films which would easily make it to any other list. After all, 13 is a pretty paltry number.
To start off, I loved the first instalment of ‘The Nightmare on Elm Street’, but maybe because I saw this movie in my late-teen years for the first time, it failed to ‘scare’ me much. I don’t find the ‘Saw’ series scary. Thrilling, yes. When it comes to Hostel and all, sick -yes! But never scary! There has to be a fair distinction between scary and sick! Aliens was great, so was Swedish modern classic Let the Right One In. Also close were non-American classics Eyes without a face (French), Hanabari (Bangla), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (German), M (German) and Nosferatu (German). Also, I don’t find The Shining very scary, although it is one of my favorite films with some tremendous acting by Jack Nicholson. Carrie and The Others nearly made it to the list. So did The Dark Knight, with its scary ‘Joker’ rendition… but you see, I wanted my list to be taken ‘seriously’ by people. R.I.P. Mr. Ledger! Happy Halloween, everyone… Go Trick or Treating… and check out for any vampire-suiters with real teeth… you never know who’s coming to town from Transylvania.

1. [Rec] (2007) 

rec-horar movie
rec-horar movie

[Rec] (2007) 

Language: Spanish

Directed by: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza
Screenplay: Jaume Balagueró, Luis Berdejo, Paco Plaza
Cast: Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terraza, Jorge Serrano
I’ll keep this short and sweet. Like the movie itself.
This is a film about a Television camera crew of two getting stuck in a quarantined Barcelona apartment building with its residents, two cops and two firemen. There’s a virus on the loose which spreads itself through saliva and each infected person is eventually converted into a flesh-eating, fast-traveling (Zombies are known to be slow, but here…) zombie.
So how did a movie, with such a cliched storyline in the 21st century (Seven years into it) succeed in scaling my high expectations and rose to the top of this (Well, this is called self-marketing) prestigious list?
The film is shot in a pseudo-documentary sort of way, sort of like The Blair Witch Project (1998), where the camera operator Pablo is a TV cameraman and is very much a part of the film. Pablo’s associate, hot young anchor Angela Vidal, is the central protagonist of the film. The shock-factor of this movie is, simply put, insane. After a slow pick-up, the movie picks up pace at nearly the speed of a good action movie and by the time the climax comes, the viewers are bursting for some fresh air. But fresh air in this Barcelona apartment is hard to find, since our little camera crew is stuck at the top floor (attic) of the apartment, while zombies roam the rest of the quarantined building. But poor Angela and Pablo, little do they know about the secrets the derelict attic hides…
This is something to be seen. Writing even a million pages about this picture will fail to do justice to its merit.

2. Ju-On (The Grudge) (2002)


Ju-On (The Grudge) (2002)

Language: Japanese
Directed by: Takashi Shimizu
Screenplay: Takashi Shimizu
Cast: Megumi Okina, Yukako Kukuri
Ju-On has actually been a series with two direct-to-video films occuring before this particular one. This one was simply called Ju-On, one which us Americanized audiences better recognize as The Grudge. The film was remade by Shimizu himself as ‘The Grudge’ starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Ju-On is considered in many circles as the scariest movie ever. Its use of the J-Horror psychological motifs and the perpetually scary scene of the ‘housewife in a white dress’ somehow make a lasting impression on the minds of Horror-lovers.
The story is about a house (which doesn’t look very haunted initially) where the brutal murder of a wife (Kayako) and her child (Toshio) took place years ago. The thirst for revenge that raged within the two departed(?) souls causes a curse to perpetually linger over the house and it attaches to anyone who visits the place. Thus affected is volunteer social worker Rika Nishina and several others who desperately try to escape this little ‘jinx’.
Ju-On has some of my favorite scary scenes! One of them being the sight of Kayako’s surveillance camera footage, where she is drifting out of a keyhole and materialising in the corridor and finally haunting the CC-camera itself.
That, ladies and gentlemen, could well be the spookiest scene ever seen on screen!

3.The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist (1973)
The Exorcist (1973)
Directed by: William Friedkin
Book and Screenplay: William Peter Blatty
Cast: Linda Blair, Max von Sydow, Jason Miller, Ellen Burstyn
I could sum this one up in one line: Girl possessed, Exorcism done, Film scared the shit out of me, Period.
I could say Linda Blair was excellent, but we all know that, don’t we?
I could write a thesis on this film, but is it really needed?
The story (as if someone needs to know this) is of a nice and friendly teenaged girl who is possessed by a demon. But does that explain why this is considered (by a majority of the world) to be the scariest movie ever?
It was 1973, and the viewers had actually never seen something so grotesque, evil being presented to the masses in such a classy manner. It wasn’t a B-movie to be sniggered upon since it was a film that was made from a book that actually dealt with a real case of exorcism. People were horrified to witness, first-hand, the real picture of possession and a resultant exorcism. Our over-exposure to the concept may have blunted us a bit when we see this movie sitting in our homes or a theater in 2009, but what Friedkin achieved in this epic will be a benchmark in horror for years to come.
After all, reports of several faintings at the theaters, news of people being institutionalized and even one miscarriage isn’t something worth a laugh, like some reactions of theater-goers when the film re-released a few years ago. Why is it that the influence of Saws and Evil Deads and Hostels are blunting our sense of the ‘real horror’?
As far as I am concerned, I still tend to shield my eyes momentarily everytime Linda Blair’s head starts its famous 360 degree motion.

04.El Espinazo del Diablo (The Devil’s Backbone) (2001)

devils backbn
devils backbn
Film: El Espinazo del Diablo (The Devil’s Backbone) (2001)
Language: Spanish
Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Written by: Guillermo del Toro, Antonio Trashorras, David Muñoz
Cast: Fernando Tielve, Íñigo Garcés, Federico Luppi, Eduardo Noriega
Guillermo del Toro happens to be one of my favorite directors. But that tidbit of ‘partial’ info aside, The Devil’s Backbone makes such a high-cut in this list thanks to the fact that it is an excellent film, besides being a very scary one.
This is perhaps the only film in my Top-5 without a considerable scare-factor. This film chills you to the bone in some places, but you wouldn’t want to scream. You would prefer to remain quiet and enjoy the ‘chill’ while it lasts. Viewers can actually enjoy the terror in this film.
Set during the Spanish Civil war, the story begins with the arrival of Carlos (Fernando Tielve) at an orphanage where he assumes he would stay only as long as his father is busy at war. There is a defused bomb obstinately stuck at the center of the ophanage compound. Soon after, Carlos begins to see the ghost of a boy in the kitchen corridors and even near the dorm. Carlos’ investigation begins to unearth a host of buried facts.
But this movie is not just from the perspective of Carlos, the kid. It has a myriad of well-defined, multi-faceted characters including the determined Dr. Cesares, the confused Carmen, the opportunist Jacinto, the troubled Jaime, the dead Santi… and of course, the country at war. It isn’t merely a horror flick but a reflection into the minds of people (The director admitted its interpretations from Freudianism) and above all, a political allegory.
This masterpiece has a haunting score which creates a fairly lasting effect on its listeners. Del Toro combines it all to make this movie a classic, a piece of art. One which isn’t meant to be simply respected from a distance. This particular piece of art is meant to be enjoyed… Welcome to the world of Guillermo del Toro!

5.Veerana (The Wilderness) (1985)

Veerana (The Wilderness) (1985)
Language: Hindi
Directed by: Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay
Screenplay: Shyam Ramsay, J.K.Ahuja (Story)
Cast: Jasmin, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Satish Shah, Gulshan Grover, Rajesh Vivek
As I was saying about the Ramsay brothers during the Raat post, the two were the uncrowned kings of Hindi B-movie horror in the 80s and no doubt accumulated a fair amount of dough by churning out one blockbuster after another like Purana Mandir, Dak Bangla and of course, their best one ‘The Wilderness’. Extensive use of the mother of all scary grotesque face make-ups, cliched (and bone-chilling) sound effects and a haunting image of a black-cloaked dead witch murdering people ‘in the winderness’ make the scare-factor in this film off the charts!
Again, I remember watching this at a very early age and as strange as it sounds, the movie is still as scary to me as it was fifteen years ago. And now that I’ve ‘grown up’, the scares aren’t the only thing I notice about the movie.
The story starts with the brother of a Thakur (landlord) capturing an evil witch (after seducing her) from a bungalow in the wilderness. Soon after, the witch is killed by hanging in public. To salvage the horror flick, a dark magician (NOT the Harrry Potter-type, but scarier!) steals and preserves her body to give her soul a new habitat someday. Eventually after several horror-friendly bizarre (and rather complicated) turn of events, the evil spirit possesses the body of the Thakur’s little niece and she ends up murdering her aunt. Well, things seem to rest for a bit and several years pass (in true blue Bollywood fashion). Jasmin, the niece, is now a fully grown (and smokin’ hot) woman who is re-possessed by the spirit and the femme fatale soon embarks upon a (no points for guessing) fatal rampage. It seems she has just three passions in life: Seduce men, kill them and in the process, show as much skin (or, in some cases, that grotesque face which has been the stuff of my childhood nightmares) as possible! Don’t get me wrong… I’m not complaining!
A perfect cocktail of sex and scares, Veerana is a classic, scary even after nearly 25 years!

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