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My real hero MAHATHMA Gandhi …
Who gave redefined the meaning of two words



Yes Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi!!!!!


He is the real hero.

But thanks to the currency notes the indians still remember him…..
But Mahathma wont be happy.If he sees the current Indian political/social scenario.

But rather than discussing on that….I would like to post on his memoirs…..

As a British-educated lawyer, Gandhi first employed his ideas through peaceful civil fight in the Indian community’s struggle for civil rights in South Africa. Upon his return to India, he organized poor farmers and labourers to protest against oppressive taxation and widespread discrimination. Accepting leadership of the Indian National Congress, Gandhi led nationwide campaigns for the alleviation of poverty, for the liberation of women, for brotherhood amongst differing religions and ethnicities, for an end to untouchability and caste discrimination, and for the economic self-sufficiency of the nation, but above all for Swaraj—the independence of India from foreign domination. Gandhi famously led Indians in the Sathyagrah against the salt tax on the 400 kilometre (248 miles) Dandi Salt March in 1930, and in an open call for the British to Quit India in 1942. He was imprisoned for many years on numerous occasions in both South Africa and India.
Gandhi practised and advocated non-violence and truth, even in the most extreme situations. A student of Hindu philosophy, he lived simply, organizing an ashram that was self-sufficient in its needs. Making his own clothes—the traditional Indian dhoti and shawl woven with a charkha—he lived on a simple vegetarian diet. He used rigorous fasts, for long periods, for both self-purification and protest.He was shot dead by Godse on January 30, 1948 (aged 78)


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