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Negative effects of IPL on daily life of youngsters

some Negative effects of IPL daily life of youngsters :

Conflict of interests between BCCI and IPL?

    1. There are hard questions raised recently, by Mr. Amarnath, member of 1983 World Cup winning team and ex- selection committee member. Dhoni was to be sacked from captainship, after India lost 0-4 to Australia, with majority of selectors were with this decision. But then, BCCI President Mr. Srinivasan (allegedly), intervened using his constitutional rights and saved Dhoni from being sacked as National team’s captain.
    2. Interestingly, the BCCI President happens to be owner of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), a franchise of IPL team, who is captained by Dhoni, again. So, if Dhoni were sacked from National team, it would had made impact on CSK’s business fortunes too. So, definitely a questions arises, why did Srinivasan intervened in decision of selectors?
IPL is virtually ran by businessmen in India, who have money power and political power. If they are further going to dictate BCCI and National team and even influence highly technical and specialized decisions like team selection or pitches or scheduling of tours, then all I can say is, God help Indian Cricket!

Rise of too many Captains?

  1. With the advent of IPL, where about 10 teams play, there is ‘production’ of so many captains for each team. For e.g.: We had seen Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly captaining again after stepping down from National Team Captainship. Then there are players like Sehwag, Gambhir, Kohli, Raina, Harbhajan, Yuvraj who have been made captains of their respective teams for some time or the other.
  2. So, when these players come together to play in National team, it becomes team of captains. Each player is a captain! I am sure, it is very hard to lead the team of captains, as it requires handling too many egos at a time.

Is this hurting Indian Cricket? Is there any truth between stories that Sehwag and MS Dhoni or Gambhir and MS Dhoni are having cold wars. Is Dhoni feeling unsecured because of his captainship is under threat because of the IPL emerged captains?

Are Indian players and conditions getting overexposed to the foreign players?

  1. All, well, yes practically all Indian players play in the IPL where each player plays around 12-15 matches per season. In this way, he gets over exposed, which otherwise he would not have (at least to the foreign coaches/ staff). This can be a reason why foreign teams have a certain strategy against certain player from very beginning. It is like ‘an open source knowledge sharing’ about Indian players. All secrets of Indian players will be there with foreign coaches and players even before that Indian player makes his international debut.
  2. Since all top foreign players (around 40 in all) participate in IPL, and play so many matches at different parts of India, each year, it is becoming increasingly easy for foreign players to adapt to Indian playing conditions like spinning tracks, reverse swing etc. This ultimately helps foreign players when they tour India Because they know the conditions, they know how to play spin, they know how to tackle and produce reverse swing.

In the nutshell, Indian players’ skill-set and knowledge-base is remaining almost stagnant, at the same time, the rival teams gets to know strong and weak points of Indian players, in addition to this, they get to know conditions very well. All this ‘paid practice’ must be helping the visiting teams in their international tours against Indian team. (Some readers may think this is so cheap, but hey, international sports is war! And it’s fair to be cheap in war!)

Is motivation to play for country/ Test Cricket reduced?

  1. If the player has played just one or two domestic Cricket seasons, he can play IPL. It offers huge amount of money in just 2 to 3 months. Good for them, but due to this early money, fame and opportunity, will those players be still motivated enough to play Test Cricket or be part of International Indian Cricket Team? If one calculates, an average player will definitely get more money by playing IPL than by playing whole season of Test Cricket.
In the end, no one wants to take harder route to earn same amount of money. This leads to the further point:

Possibility of deterioration of Cricketing skills?

  1. In IPL, if a batsman gets out playing a rash shot, it is NOT considered as ‘throwing of a wicket’ or ‘batsman not putting price on his wicket’. It is accepted in IPL to play brave shots, even if that means wasting your wicket. On the other hand, Test Cricket teaches you to keep your wicket as long as you can.
  2. In IPL, a bowler has maximum of 4 overs. How is it possible to test bowler’s fitness, skills in these 4 overs? If a bowler has higher strike rate and higher average, it is not considered a guilt, neither it is associated with the bowler’s ability in IPL. Further, since batsmen are always prone to make mistakes while scoring quick runs, many of IPL wickets are not bowlers’ wickets but those are just batsmen making mistake and bowler getting wickets.
In Test Cricket, no batsman gets to score runs without hard work, and similarly no bowler gets easy wickets; as they might get in IPL. Lac of ‘test’ of concentration, fitness, temperament, Cricketing skills and mostly ignored – ‘Cricketing intelligence’ in IPL makes it tough for players to adapt to Test Cricket as it requires all these skills and their application on field, day after day!


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