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‘One’ For the Over and Free Hit rules in cricket

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‘One’ For the Over: 
Since One day cricket and Twenty 20 cricket has made this game as batsmen’s game, there are hardly any advantages bowlers have. Keeping this in mind, bowlers are allowed to bowl one bouncer in an over. The ball is considered as a bouncer only when it passes above shoulder level but below head level of the batsmen when batsmen is standing straight. Bowlers are allowed to bowl only one such delivery in an over. If the second one is bowled in the same over or the ball is above the Head height when batsmen is standing straight then is considered as Wide Ball.
Free Hit:
In the event of a no ball due to either oversteps with bowler’s front foot or if his back foot cuts or does not land within the return crease, the batsmen is allowed a free hit for the very next ball. On the Free hit delivery, a batsman will not be  out by any means except run out. Free hit is not allowed, if a No Ball is called for the ball which is full toss and above waist height. After introduction of this rule, there is significant reduction in the number of No balls bowled in an inning as it costs an extra run and an extra delivery on which you can not get batsmen out except run out.This has helped teams to maintain healthy over rate.  

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