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Population increase, a risk to the origin of Earth essay

essay On Population increase

essay On Population increase, a risk to the origin of Earth .

Continuously increasing human population, now has started being a big risk to the origin of the Earth. An international group of Scientists have given warnings of next and biggest risk of the end of Earth, and have declared the over-use of resources like Water, Forests and land as the reasons of this problem. They have said that the population on Earth will cross 9 Billions and more till 2050.


This report published on ‘Nature’ magazine says a number of species will get disappeared in the coming time, on which we are dependent to survive. Similar had happened some 12,000 years ago during Glacier retreat. If it happens this way, then it is sure that someday human species will also come to the end point of our extinction. Scientists have warned that we have reached to the nearest stop of the end by polluting the nature, and now conditions has became even more worst than what we had thought before.

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