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pushpa kamal dahal biography Nepal prime minister


Nepal prime minister pushpa kamal dahal biography here , know about pushpa kamal dahal life everything

First Name: Pushpa Kamal

Last Name: Dahal (a.k.a Prachanda)

Title: Chairman, Nepal prime minister

Organization: Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) CPN(M)

Country: Nepal

Date of Birth: 11/12/1954

Place of Birth: Dhikurpokhri village of Kaksi district in the Himalayan foothills

Family: His father is Muktiram Dahal who worked as a farm hand.
When he was seven, the family migrated to Shivnagar in southern Nepal. At the Narayani High School, he apparently impressed his teachers so much with his intelligence and conduct that they rechristened him Pushpan Kamal after the lotus, a symbol of purity and beauty. “As a child, he never lied or fought with other children. In fact, he was called to mediate and resolve disputes. I thought he’d grow up and join the civil service,” says Muktiram, who hasn’t seen his son since 1995.


  • Sita Paudal


  • Rampur Agricultural College

Politics: He entered Leftist politics in 1971 through a faction of the Communist Party, moving on to more radical groups, eventually ending up at the top of the Maoist faction in the mid-1990s.

Hobbies: He is a passionate fan of Karisma Manandhar, the Madhuri Dixit of Nepal, and is known to travel miles to see her new releases.

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