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To rely more on the Internet , right?

Now To rely more on the Internet , right? a days if someone ask me anything whenever it is related to my studies or daily life, if i do not know about that i will direct go to  internet for finding the answer of that question.

if i knew the answer of that question than i will go to internet too to confirm my answer. we are trusting too much on internet that we do not have confidence on ourselves too.

 To rely more on the Internet , right?

i do not think we are doing good or this is good to too much depended is good for us. today if i lost my smartphone and i get need to call my dad , than i will unable to call them because i don’t remember his number, that is saved in my mobile and i put my finger on that and talk to him, this is too dependence is really not good for us .

some dangers of internet

(1) narrowness in thinking
 yes this is the biggest danger of internet, now each and everyone use google, yahoo , bing etc. search engine to find answers their questions. we are too depended to internet that we do not feel need to think from ourselves. on this way there is narrowness is occurring in our thinking because we do not think about the question what is that  , what does it mean, we directly put it on internet and get the solution. although it is not necessary that the answer is correct on internet. because may be the content is written by less knowledge person. so keep thinking and reduced dependence on internet.

(2) forgot our culture
we are too busy in internet that we have forgot our culture, we are eliminating our tradition day by day. we are trying to use something new and on this way we are forget our culture.

(3) destroying privacy
internet is destroying every body privacy, if any celebrity is enjoying on beach, it will viral on internet. now a days fake facebook users are increasing and doing viral girls photos on internet.

(4) loosing childhood
now a days students of school are using internet and they do use internet day and night and searching for bad things on internet. they chat with friends day and night. they do not want to play like football etc. they play in their mobile so they got unfit and they are loosing their childhood because they are too busy in internet that they are forgot what they have to do in childhood and what does mean of childhood.

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