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Sachin Tendulkar’s best and Unforgettable Innings records

best and Unforgettable Innings records of Sachin Tendulkar if we think practically In our lifetimes, I am sure, we will never ever be able to see another player having 49 ODI centuries, 96 ODI half centuries, 18426 ODI runs and all this with an amazing strike rate of 86.14 and an unbelievable average of 44.83! Ours is the generation, highly blessed I will say, which has seen the jersey number 10 playing one ‘divine’ innings after the other and we will be telling our children, grandchildren that ‘yes, there was this man, I have seen him batting Live!’

Well, for that generation, which will want a glimpse of Sachin’s batting, here is a list of must watch Sachin Tendulkar innings. If you have not seen these innings, may be you have not seen the real Sachin Tendulkar. If you have seen them, may be there is no doubt in your mind, why he is called ‘the God of Cricket!’

1. 143 vs Australia, Sharjah, 22 Apr 1998.
It was that time, when Indian team was teased for- “Sharjah me harja” (Go Sharjah and come back loosing). Sachin changed that forever. Though India lost the match after Sachin got out, he had done enough for the team to go into the finals of that cup.

2. 134 vs Australia, 24 Apr 1998.
Just 2 days after his ‘Sand-storm’ innings, he produced another divine innings. This time, he made sure that India wins the match and the Sharjah cup.

3. 140* vs Kenya, Bristol, 23 May 1999
World cup, Sachin’s father passed away, team needed Sachin the most. He played, made a century looked in the sky with a tear in the eye. MUST WATCH.

4. 98 vs Pakistan, Centurion, 1 Mar 2003
Termed as the best innings of his life, by Sachin himself, this is the another divine innings. India- Pakistan a world cup match. Sachin fires and fires so fiercely that made very Indian proud!

5. 117* vs Australia, Sydney,  2 May 2008
Till this final, India used to go to final and end up as runner up! Sachin, again changed that forever! First final out of ‘best of 3’, Ponting had (in)famously said, ‘we need not play 3rd final’ as mind game strategy. Sachin proved him correct, the only thing was India won both the finals!

6. 91 vs Australia, Brisbane, 4 Mar 2008
Like in Sharjah, Sachin played back to back wonderful innings helping India win the cup! Undoubtedly, this win was the most significant win after 1983 World Cup win, till that date.

7. 175 vs Australia, Hyderabad, 5 Nov 2009
Australia set target of 350 runs. Sachin, again, played another divine innings, India came close to win. And then the anticlimax! Sachin got out and India lost the match by mere 3 runs!

8. 200* vs South Africa, Gwalior, 24 Feb 2010
Sachin made 200*, ‘first man on the planet to score double century in an ODI innings’, was a feast to watch. This, coming against a formidable side of South Africa having legendary bowlers like Dale Steyn made it value in gold!


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