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San Francisco youngster shot dead while playing Pokémon Go in Local Park

Ever since the Pokémon Go game has been released, it has created a real buzz, worldwide. Even in the countries where it has not been released, people are trying their luck to anyhow install and run the game on their Smartphone. But, with Pokémon Go have arrived an increased number of accidents and disasters where the addictivegamer are meeting with accidents or entering into prohibited areas of their countries.

Now has came another sad incident where two friends from San Francisco were out of home, playing Pokemon Go in a local park while a bullet coming from nowhere shot one of them dead. The guy who got killed had visited his friend and the two of them were just having fun, trying to catch new Pokemons, least did they know that the life of one of the two will come to an end, unexpectedly.

As reported by the other guy (his friend), they were just playing Pokémon Go and were excited to find more Pokemon while a bullet was shot from somewhere and killed his friend.

Blame the wrong time, wrong location, the Pokémon game, their addiction for it or whatever, such accidents with Pokémon Go gamers is becoming everyday news. And the incidents that have happened so far should be all enough for Pokémon Go gamers to not compromise with their safety while getting addicted to the game.


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