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Spiderman 3 Movie Review full story


Movie Review full story Spiderman 3 – 9/10 and scope to create a Spiderman 4 – starringTobey McGuire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco and Topher Grace. This movie has a bit of everything – comedy, action, romance, drama, special effects, music and dance. The mix was simply too good.

Spiderman 3 full story

The opening credits were well designed and had snapshots of famous scenes from the previous two Spiderman flicks. The movie starts with Peter Parker saying how wonderful life has been – crime is under control, he’s getting straight A’s and his love life with Mary Jane rocks. Later on, all hell breaks loose – Harry tries to get even for his fathers death, enter Sandman – a burglar with a sick daughter who is Uncle Ben’s real killer, Mary Jane loses her Broadway job, Topher Grace is gunning for Spiderman’s job at the Daily Bugle, a black spidery oily thing from a meteorite attaches itself to Spidey’s suit and makes him evil, Mary Jane accuses Spidey of having an affair with a blonde model classmate in his science class and later kisses Harry who has lost his memory and lastly the black oily slick overpowers Topher Grace and turns him into an evil character called Venom.


The screenplay beautifully wove the storylines together. The script of Spiderman 3 was fresh and interesting. Special effects were awesome especially the creation of Sandman and Spiderman’s fights over the buildings. Character development was rich. I loved Tobey McGuire’s facial expressions. They were so funny, I laughed throughout the movie. I liked his new look and dance steps after he gets possessed by the evil slime and wears the black spidey suit under his clothes. The only negative point of the movie was the shaky ‘NYPD Blue’ camerawork which was used in a scene where cops were chasing Sandman onto a truck. It made me dizzy and I felt like throwing up.

I had heard from early movie reviews that Spiderman 3 was supposed to be about Peter Parker proposing to Mary Jane. However, this did not happen even though Spiderman tried so hard. The best part of the movie was the message it tried to convey -“It is better to forgive than to take revenge.” Unlike most Hollywood movies that end with brutal violence, Spiderman forgives Sandman for killing his uncle in the end.

Spiderman 4

There is plenty of scope to create a Spiderman 4. With Sam Raimi at the helm I am sure it will be even better than the first three installments. I left the cinema knowing that I had got more than my money’s worth. A totally ‘paisa vasool’ film !

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