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History of Facebook in briefly

ajab gajab news : History of Facebook Facebook is launched five years ago,  users of social networking is already 150 million more. Who is the inventor of Facebook? He was a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg. Face Book membership was initially restricted to students of Harvard College. In the next two



gazab post news HISTORY ABOUT THANJAI TEMPLE : TEMPLE COMPLEX: The temple complex was built on the banks of the river cauvery, with its water diverted to the moat. The walls around the temple was constructed in the form of fortress, to protect the temple from invaders. Even today the temple has

Yo Yo Honey Singh life : biography

biography of Yo Yo Honey Singh life Awards childhood name father family Yo Yo Honey Singh born Hirdesh Singh on 15 March 1983 in Delhi. is an Indian rapper, music producer, singer and film actor. He started as a session and recording artist, and became a Bhangra producer. He has also begun

Amazing facts-Supercomputer

know all Amazing facts of Supercomputer : The Supercomputer That Houses an Entire Universe Over a span of two weeks in October, the Mira supercomputer will crank away nonstop, processing quadrillions of operations every second—something that few other machines are currently capable of. It will simultaneously track trillions of particles as