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badminton racket review Apacs Nanopwer 8000

The next badminton racket on review is the Apacs Nanopwer 8000, which is new to the UK and as yet is not on sale at the Apacs website, so this is a little bit of a secret test so to speak. I am guessing it is based on the nanospeed

Apacs nanopower 755 badminton racket review

Apacs nanopower 755  welcome to badminton racket review on ,Next up for review is the Apacs nanopower 755 badminton racket. This falls into the budget range, but is not yet available to buy in the UK at the moment. The technical specifications are as follows:- Weight- 85g Balance- slightly head heavy Grip-

Browning Oxylite Ti 80 badminton racket review


badminton racket review Browning Oxylite Ti 80 It has been a while since my last post, so apologies for the delay. here is review of badminton racket .  I have been playing badminton with a Browning Oxylite Ti 80 badminton racket recently, and i must say this thing is a very

Badminton Training short and simple tips

are you beginners ? Badminton Training short and simple tips : A simple movement analysis however, reveals a few key differences that will affect the competitive badminton player’s training regimen… Many shots in badminton are played overhead – more so than tennis or squash for example. Badminton players also rely much more

Types of matches in badminton game

Do you know ? Types of matches in badminton game If you love badminton then you have to know everything about badminton game, in this article we are going to introduced you to types of matches played in badminton game. Singles Many of you out there will be playing singles Badminton (1 on