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tips Beautiful At Age 20s look beauty

look beauty tips Beautiful At Age 20s : skin care tips

At this time, all components such as epidermal skin, collagen, elastin and blood vessels develop optimally. So that the texture of the skin look fresh reddish. The main problems that haunt at this time, usually about oily skin and acne caused by hormonal factors or treatments that are less precise. below are the tips. (11 tips to mantain skin health is also useful article)
Daily Care
Perform light maintenance and regular every day, always clean your face with a cleanser before bed. Select the appropriate cleaners and fresheners, according to skin condition (oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or a combination). Because every skin is different, requiring different treatments. Have you recklessly chose cleaner? STOP right now!
Use a moisturizer that contains SPF, of at least 15 or more, especially if you include an active woman who often are outdoors for long periods.
Enter also the fruit – fruits, vegetables and white water in your diet. Kanduangan fiber and vitamins in fruits and vegetables helps natural skin regeneration process, while the white water
able to accelerate the expenditure of toxins and superfluous fat in the body that cause acne.
Weekly care
Performing facials, peels, and wear a mask on a regular basis is an additional treatment that can be done as a preventative measure of premature aging.
Do facials with massage techniques with accuracy, because if one massage, can lead to wrinkles in the face. You can do it yourself, provided you know how.
Besides facials, peels are doing well. Peeling works to remove dead skin cells. How often do you do the peeling? It depends how your skin condition. For dry and sensitive skin between 7-14 days, 5 days once normal skin and oily skin 3-5 days. Make sure that no injury or infection in the face during exfoliation and do not do too often for peeling the skin has a chance of regeneration.
Maker serves to refresh the skin and mempercantiknya. Large selection of masks that you can spend. Both the plant output or output of your kitchen, make your own mean cheaper, easier, and certainly safer.
Make Up
Selection of cosmetics at this age can be more varied, different makeup colors can be tried. You can try a variety of colors and style makeup for her beauty Xplor. While still young
If not needed avoid using foundation and concealer too often. The use foundation cause clogged pores, and if clogged pores will lead to blackheads and acne. As an alternative, simply apply a light moisturizer and powder (pressed-press using the puff). Select colors transparent to powder, so the face looks more fresh and radiant.

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