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Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) in cricket

cricket DRS rules Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) : live cricket score ball by ball cricbuzz cricinfo watch live cricket streaming tv How many times we have seen that standing umpires giving incorrect decisions regarding Leg Before Wickets (LBW) and close catches and One incorrect decision can change a whole game in minutes and consider if it is a knock out game or a Final match of the World Cup! After all, standing umpires are human beings and they have very short duration of time to think and give decisions. Also, the noise of the crowed in the stadium is so loud that one may not be able to hear Snick from 22 yards. Now, with the use of technology like Hawk-Eye, Hot-spot, Snickometer, micro phones, slow motion cameras etc. one can easily trace out whether the decision given by the standing umpire was right or wrong. In the absence of UDRS no one could do anything even if the decision of the standing umpire is wrong as the umpire’s decision is final and binding.

But, now each team can challenge  for the review of the decision given by the standing umpire unsuccessfully for the Two times  in each inning . But if the third umpire overrules the on-field umpire’s decision, the challenge is considered as successful and does not count towards the innings limit. Once the UDRS challenge is used, it is the responsibility of the Third Umpire to judge with the help of the technology, whether the decision given by the standing umpire was right or wrong. UDRS is allowed in the World Cup 2011 to make sure that fair decisions are made. The big question mark in front of cricketing fraternity is whether the sufficient technology is available every where? The debates on UDRS will continue to remain hot, but personally speaking this is a good system which helps third umpire to arrive at correct decision and there is nothing wrong in using the technology to bring more transparency and competitiveness in the game.

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