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Uses Benefits and advantages of olive oil


Olive oil is the best in oil world. It has many benefits for human beings.  People always  arguing about animals fat,seeds oil and other fatty things or foods that damage health. But one of all thing is olive oil, people are agree on this point that olive oil has antioxidant properties, especially vitamin E which is very good for our skin.
The flavor, color and smell of olive oil, all is well. It gives power your weak hair. If massage it on your muscles slowly, your dead muscles will work again.

When we use olive oil for skin repairing, it works nicely. Commercial skin care products moisturizing ingredients don,t penetrate the skin. Olive oil  easily penetrate the skin and heals damage, reduce wrinkles and improve texture. It gives health and nourishment to skin. It is best for skin disease.
Olive oil is best for intestinal cancer healing. It decreases breast cancer risk. Olive oil reduces the LDL or bad cholesterol. It lower the risk of heart diseases and stroke. It has best weight management properties. Olive oil helps with pain and stiffness for arthritis. It gives relief in muscles cramping. Massage of this oil strengthen weak muscles or body.
In spite of this, this oil is best for eye cleansing and dark circles. Olive oil  can improve  heart health and our lives. A diet rich in olive oil may actually be able to slow down the aging and the aging of heart. Olive oil benefits are much and more, we can not describe them

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