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What is google now full info of google now

Do you know about Google Now ? if not than definately you have heard about Google’s new service that Google now. here we will tell all about it like what is this and how to use google now features.

Now google is became more smart and fast by this service of google you can get more efficient result that is appropriate for you. now google understand you by doing your google and according to that experience that keep in it’s mind what is exactly results you needed.

If you let Google Now learn about you and your habits, then it can throw up information that it thinks you might be interested in. News, sports scores, weather, and traffic information is served up in real time based on your previous movements and searches. Information is served up in the form of cards, which you can tap for more detail or swipe away to ignore. When it works, Google Now can give you what you want before you even know you want it.

 You can give google voice commands through google now service

Yes you can simply give instructions to google to do what do you want, for example if you want to make a call you can say call to jack.

than it will make a call to jack.

if you want to send a message to jack , than say send message to jack , a message will  be sent to jack.

on the same way you can do searches on google just by saying what results do you want to see, you can see directions where do you want to go.

google now provide facility to do google just by saying in your voice like

Who is yahoo CEO.

what is the antikythera mechanism?

what is the day today

You can see the weather information , traffic info , etc.


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