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New relationship whatsapp quotes status

relationship whatsapp quotes

lovely quotes for relationship to enjoy whatsapp

“A girl wants if you to fight for her, make her believe that you want this relationship more than she does”


” the one who is aware of your flaws and mistakes and still feels that you are her perfect guy is the love of your life”

“All the relationships are based on a universal law. Just never let the person you love feel alone”
“I want to tell you that how special you are to me I just can
‘t describes, just want to say that my world is full of smiles whenever I think of you”
“perfect relationship is not that you never get angry, upset and irritated with each other, it’s how fast you solve the problem”
“the best person in your life is the person who teaches you to see sun where once you saw clouds. The Person who believe in you so much that you start believing in yourself. The person who loves you for simply who you are.”
“Do not build a relationship on a lies, because eventually there will come a time when no matter how much you love your partner but you can never win their trust”
“If they were with you in the darkest night they deserve to enjoy the brightest day with you”

“when you are being through hard days just think that god has send his best warrior to the toughest battle.”
“I am going to run or walk or even crawl but I am never going to stop.”
“I am going to fail but I am never going to be unsuccessful”
“They won’t tell you why they are sad
you got to find the reason and pick them up.”
“Remember that guy from the school who gave up
well no one remembers him”
“If someone hates you don’t worry
they don’t have what you got.”
“You want to do something for your haters then
kill them through your hard work and bury them with your silence”
“They will hate you for speaking the truth but your guts will ultimately decide what their reaction will going to be.”
“If you have the guts to struggle and to fail believe me no one can ever take your success apart.”
“a simple step to get respected
In love
Love back 10 times, not less.”
“If you don’t go crazy while working
In your job
Then quit and find the new.”
“Your 50% life will be consumed while working in a job
Better to work which you believe a great One.”
“Your ability to choose right makes your life better
And if you have a bad life then make some better choices.”
“You are miracle itself so
There is not any need to underestimate your strengths.”
“If you want to know Passion more clearly
Then look for the difference between Job or career.”
“Time is limited for everyone
And you should not waste it while living others life.”
“If you can meet your preparation to the opportunities then you are
Next to successful.”
“If there is complete darkness
Don’t worry your hope will light it up again.”
‘It doesn’t matter how you feel about something
If you get up
And show up without giving up
Your goals are achieved.”
“earth would be black if you save your lives
But green
If you save animals and plants.”

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