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Whatsapp status and quotes in english

Latest whatsapp short english status and qoutes slogans 2016 2017 2018 daily updated

  • All you going to do is look a little deeper. You will find it.


  • Don’t change your mind like a girl changes her clothes.


  • The country is full of good and bad. It’s how you see things.


  • When the drop touches dust life is born.


  • How we see is what we see. There’s this difference.


  • The mind is so crowded with these thoughts, I wish they would go to bed for a while.


  • Why does the little girl want dolls? All I ever wanted friends.


  • Let me go where my heart tells me to go. I’m tired of following others.


  • A thorn is painful only when touched by skin.


  • Seek not beauty but wisdom in others, for god made all things beautiful.


  • We all seek to be understood, but how many of us understand one another.


  • One doesn’t know what is composed in a box unless it is opened.


  • Dogs are to humans what water is to plants.


  • Do not be afraid of the dark. It is in this time that our minds are the most alert.


  • Do not hesitate to make the right choice. It may not seen by humans, but the sky’s always watching.



  • Open the curtains of your eyes and see for yourself. What you considered lost was always there.


  • It is always better to carry faith with us because without it, we have nothing.
  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if humans disappeared from our planet? It would be beautiful.


  • As I sit writing this, I wonder who would be reading this and for what reason.


  • There is disappointment everywhere especially in my life.


  • Children should be given encouragement while young for it is a young seed that develops.


  • The magma boiling in my head could kill all those around me. I choose to remain silent.


  • If given a wish I would ask for the existence of a world where I could make a difference to each and every living being.


  • When I look at my phone I wonder what my parents were doing at this exact age of mine- without any phones.


  • Yes my child! Times have different and of course they were difficult. But there will also come a time where your generation had more difficult times than the next.


  • Shopping makes me happy. It gives me a feeling that I can go on and do this for a lifetime.


  • Oh the silence in the church is sweet! And the choir fills hearts with devotion and spirituality.


  • I can see a woman in you. A powerful and crazy one.


  • Let’s go home. I dislike being out for a long ime.


  • I want to do a lot of shopping and I would never stop doing it. I am a woman and I need clothes.


  • You have the eyes so let you see the world from your view. They’re your eyes.


  • I have never been on a boat ride. I fear water more than you like it.


  • The sun shines its final rays upon us at last. What a beautiful sunset.


  • My goal in life is to have a lot of money so that I can go on a shopping spree and find new clothes to wear.


  • I would be really thankful if someone invented a darker colour than black.


  • It gives my heart immense pleasure knowing that I am going to be successful soon.


  • I have faith that all have. Only difference is that mine is stronger.


  • When I hold my phone, it feels like holding a world.


  • I compare myself with none. I prefer competing with myself.


  • Fire can cause good as well as bad accidents.


  • Do not be quick to judge me. You haven’t seen me more than I do. So keep away.


  • If you are deaf to your own fears, you will be blind to yourself.


  • Let your trophies and accomplishments adorn you rather than your wall.


  • Money gives happiness but only when you donate it.


  • Optimism and sarcasm are like two jovial friends.


  • It does not matter how complicated you are until you have an exquisite facade.


  • ‘Falling in love’ is rather literal these days.


  • You never lose anything permanently that’s why recycle bin comes with the ‘restore’ button.


  • You can never be an introvert with your best friend.


  • Facing changes in life is natural but adapting to them is a talent.


  • Beware of smiles; it can rule, cool and fool.


  • Talking and eating is directly proportional, too much is always trouble.


  • Three critical choices of life; love, career and words.


  • Of all offences, repeating your mistakes is the greatest.


  • Laziest claim to be the busiest.


  • If u think women are inferior, please stop insulting your mother.


  • Be your own king, reign yourself.


  • If you have no one to love, i think you are dead.


  • The evil choose their destination while the good choose their path.


  • You grow along with time.


  • The pain of unmet expectation is the best teacher.



  • Pain and endurance come in a single package.



  • Hatred can be quenched only by a glass of love.



  • Sound of the silent night is always special.



  • Books never equal a teacher.



  • Damaged real diamonds are always better than beautiful fake ones.



  • The fire of desire can never be extinguished.



  • Stab time with your smartness before it stabs you.



  • You don’t have to carry her purse, carry her respect.



  • When you are caught in the act of love, confess it.



  • She is indeed soft and gentle but not a tissue.



  • Imagination is the food for artists.



  • A painting is always an open secret of the painter’s emotion.



  • Life is like a candle before the wind. So spread your light in your time.



  • Arranged marriage is like eating a dish without knowing its ingredients.



  • If ‘an eye for an eye’ was the policy of the all, the world would end up blind.



  • Virtues and values are like the weather; it changes unpredictably.



  • A single man could be a saint or a devil.



  • Old friends are like perfumes; it cannot be seen but lingers.



  • True character is not revealed and revealed character is not true


  • There was never a winner who didn’t expect to win in advance



  • If you talk about yourself always, others will talk about you too.



  • Every path to success has a leap of faith.



  • Perfection is only a fool’s dream.



  • A smile in loneliness has great values.



  • If you can’t do it today, you can never do it.



  • A silent person always wants to be listened.



  • Tear is the only physical form of extreme emotion.



  • Never fall in love, let love fall in you.



  • A country develops only if its women are respected.



  • Relationship is now a game of badminton; two players and a lot of audience.



  • I want to go home to all fluffy toys and sleep tight.


  • Let me know when you are lonely. I’ll be there for you when none are there.

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